What to expect, and how this site will help improve BOTH your Mobile productivity and enjoyment, as well as minimizing any stress your “mobile equipment” may cause you (men have mobile stress too, but this site is female-centric, so men’s struggles are irrelevant here… the focus is ONLY on a Woman’s Mobile Life!)


Every aspect of a Woman’s Mobile Life connects to… and with,   HerComputer.mobi


The Master Plan is to start a Membership Site that connects together women all-over-the-world in the same, individual, forums/groups/ discussion boards, broken down by equipment type.

The site will be ALL about maximizing productivity/minimizing uncertainty during the times that a woman is OUT of her house or apartment, and how mastery of “Her” Technology  will improve life for Her… and her entire family as well as her circle-of-friends!

There will also be a special concentration on Travel, Vacations and Business Trips; again concentrating on improvements and time-efficiency that can be gained by Mobile Tech-Mastery!

There will ultimately also be an e-commerce store w/ all sorts of products, services and Apps to improve a woman’s life and style, as well as dedicated support and training on staff.

Background: I’m often asked why is a male (me :-)) starting a 100% female training and support co… and the simple answer is that I’m actually RE starting one I started with my then-wife (in paragraph 6 where it mentions, my husband and I… that’s me) over 15 years ago; this time, however, focusing on the ever-growing MOBILE Marketplace, as opposed to the slowly dwindling desktop one.